When you are dating someone with herpes, you might need to be ready with the social judgment from people surrounding you. However, you might not realize that actually, HSV is a common condition. There are many good Herpes Dating Sites online.

There are around 20% of the population in the Canada who have herpes. One out of six people in Canada at the age of 14 to 49 is diagnosed with genital herpes. Moreover, not all people realize that they have been suffering from the condition until the breakout happens. This post will focus on what you could do if you are infected or not. We hope that you will know what to do when you are dating someone with HSV 2.

If you are not infected yet

If your partner admits that he or she has the herpes condition, you will need to respect them because of their honesty. Or perhaps you are in the different case wherein you realize your partner’s health when you are having intercourse with him or her. The next thing you is up to you. But if you want to keep dating someone with HSV 2, you will want to consider these things.

Test yourself

If your partner tells you about the herpes condition, it is better that you check yourself up. As mentioned, not all people realize that they are infected with herpes too. In case you are diagnosed with herpes, you won’t have any reason to be afraid to continue your relationship.

Get the knowledge

It is essential to get the knowledge of the HSV so that you will know what to do to respond to the condition. Ensure that you educate yourself with herpes. This will help you to do something for your partner.

Your partner’s medication

Presuming that you don’t have this yet, you should make sure that your partner has taken the medication. Many medicines can suppress the chance of the transmission. Before having a course with your partner, you will want to make sure that your partner has been taking the medication on a daily basis.

Know the cycles of outbreaks

When your partner has the outbreaks, it is best to avoid getting physically intimate to prevent the transmission of the virus. Speaking of the cycles of the explosions, no one can predict when exactly the explosions can happen. Try to avoid sexual contact with your partner before, during, and after it.

Sex safely

Always wear condoms. You’ve probably heard about what they said that Herpes is not preventable by condoms. But wearing condoms will decrease the risks of the infection.

Support your partner

There’s a chance that he or she knows the condition recently. When they tell you, it is the sign that your partner is serious about you. We can agree that it takes courage to admit herpes. If your partner has shown the great gestures in recognizing the condition, your responsibility is to support your partner. Be a good listener and discuss with your partner about the future of the relationship.

Be prepared

If you have been dating someone with herpes, you need to realize that there is a chance you get infected too. The statistic has shown that there are only about 3% of people who are infected with herpes after dating someone with herpes. So, it is normal that you will get the virus sooner or later. So, you will need to be prepared for this. For some people, skin condition like this is intolerable. But if you love your partner, you should not have any problem when you get infected.

If you are infected

Respond to the situation

When it comes to a serious relationship, this skin condition should not be affecting the health of your relationship. It is normal that everyone will be shocked after diagnosed with it. The disease will hinder the intimate moments in your serious relationship. You will know that dating someone with herpes is not easy.

You won’t want to give it up. Explain to your partner about this condition. If your partner is your real soulmate, he or she will hear you. As mentioned, you won’t have to worry if you two get infected. You can support each other from now on. That’s what you are going to take when dating someone with HSV 2.

You deserve better

Whether your partner has herpes or not, you are lucky if he or she stays by your side. Eventually, they will get infected too. Their presence around you is the sign that they care about you. If they leave you behind, well, you know that you deserve better. Many people know how they are dating someone with HSV 2. So, you won’t have to give up.

Have your partner tested

If you are diagnosed with herpes after you had intercourse with your partner, there’s a chance that your partner will have it too. When dating someone with herpes, you won’t see any problem. But you don’t want to be a contagious person for him or her. If your partner is not infected, make sure that you have your partner tested routinely. Ideally, you could do this once or twice in a year.

Have a safer sex

If there is only one of you who is infected, it is better to play safe. Use the condom and avoid having intercourse during the outbreak. When dating someone with herpes, everyone needs to know that safer sex will make the relationship happier.

Obligation to inform

You are diagnosed with the condition, and then you will have an obligation to inform your partner about your situation. It will be hard. You don’t want to lose your partner in such a way. But again, the relationship will be tested when someone is dating someone with herpes. The outcome can be in numerous scenarios. You won’t know what will happen after diagnosed with it. You could be left behind or not. But still, you can’t walk away from this condition. You must inform the other party.

When you are dating someone with HSV 2, it has never been easier. As I said before, one out of six people in America has herpes. No one this. Your odds of finding someone with herpes, or get infected is quite high. If these tips are useful for you, make sure to share it with your friends or someone who you care.

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